Review of Liberty Mountain Westwind Stove Set

The real outdoors-man knows and understands that less is more when exploring the nature. The ability to
pack light is important, but to do this and still be comfortable outdoors is an art. Food is one of the comforts that is necessary even when one is in the wild, and though raw is great in nature, some things just taste better when cooked.

Most things come in travel size today, and over the years, those who enjoy exploring nature have found that increasingly it is getting easier to pack for a trip. From toiletries to food, the sizes and packaging have become more ‘explorer friendly’, and certain basic requirements no longer need to be sacrificed when planning for a trip. Today, these convenient travel size items include stoves, and in particular, the Liberty Mountain Westwind Stove Set with Burner.

The Westwind Stove Set makes cooking an effortless and undemanding task. It is one of the best alcohol stoves available, and for those who know their outdoor equipment, it is a Trangia stove. It is made to last long, in addition to suit the essential needs of the average to frequent outdoor explorer, without creating excess baggage.

Backpackers are usually seeking light and compact equipment because they do not have a lot of cargo space. This alcohol stove fits that profile with its compact design that allows it to store fuel which makes it a real space saver. The stove itself is really light, and so the real weight is that of the fuel it contains.

Safety is another very important consideration, and while traditional campfires require close monitoring to prevent them from spreading, this alcohol stove burner is controlled and contained by virtue of its well-thought design. The flame is adjustable and easily extinguished. No need for water, sand or whatever other great effort that campfires require to put them out.

You can find two other Trangia alcohol stoves that resemble this one but have slightly different features that make them unique and suitable for you.

Top Features of the Westwind Stove Set with Burner

When choosing a stove set for camping or general outdoor exploration, certain features should weigh heavily in the assessment to ensure that it is a good buy. More important than price should be the key prerequisites such as safety and durability among others.

The alcohol stove set is described by many users as a very promising stove due to its subtle but very important features. The most obvious of which is the light weight of the stove. At 7 ounces, this stove will not break any backs and it leaves room for other essential items.

The user can also conveniently store the alcohol in the stove while in transit because the container is equipped with a screwcap and a rubber o-ring which prevents leakage. This eliminates the need to pack a separate container with alcohol for the stove if your trip is not very long. It is a safe and well designed alcohol stove burner that becomes a real asset for the ultimate outdoor explorer.

Then there is the handy simmer ring which can be used to adjust the heat level. This feature is useful to prevent overcooking/burning of meals. Users can boil their water quickly on full flame, or simmer some beans (or your favorite protein) on a lower flame by simply adjusting the simmer ring. This is also a great way to minimize the amount of fuel used, therefore, allowing the alcohol stored in the stove to last longer. The simmer ring is also used to put out the flames by simply closing it.

Durable, handy, safe and easy-to-use are a few of the adjectives which may be used to describe the Liberty Mountain Alcohol Stove. It is highly recommended among the many alcohol stove enthusiasts, and you can find this and many other Trangia stoves available in the market. It has all the necessary features that the occasional, average or frequent outdoors-man will appreciate.

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