Titanium Alcohol Stove by Evernew Review

Portable alcohol stoves are in great demand these days among campers and survivalists as this item is not amazonbuttononly practical to use but more environment friendly than typical commercial stoves too. The best alcohol stove is one that’s handy and lightweight, easy to operate, and cost effective. So even if there are units that are made of brass and other materials, those that are built from aluminum and titanium are deemed to be the most useful and functional.

The Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove is one type of product that has been getting a lot of attention lately as consumers are raving about it. As this is made of titanium materials, it is really very light. Almost as light as a feather, as some would have it, as it only weighs around 1.25 ounces. And it fits on the palm of the hands too; so it’s really very portable.

This model also has a multi-fuel burner design, so you can use alcohol on it as well as wood. The package includes a cross stand, also called a trivet; and this adds extra height when cooking on the device so that the flames can burn more efficiently.

A DX stand is included too, which serves as a wind shield when cooking outdoors. Said stand is also useful for accommodating wide bottomed pots and pans as compared to just using the Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove alone. And this is also the needed accessory if you want to use wood as fuel for the device.

Top Features of the Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove

This model of alcohol stove has two rows of burner holes; the first set is located on the top portion of the unit and the second set is located a little down below the device. Although you can directly place a pot on top of the stove, this can hinder efficient burning of the top burner holes; so you can use the cross stand in this scenario for a more efficient cooking procedure.

Burn time on the stove varies, depending on the method and procedure implemented by the user. Without using the DX stand, it can take around 10 to 12 minutes to boil 500ml of water; but by using the stand, boiling time can be reduced in half since the flames can burn more efficiently in this set up.

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As for the fuel capacity, this particular model of alcohol stove can hold up to 70ml of denatured alcohol content; and a full load can burn for about 15 minutes when used together with the DX stand. If you prefer placing a pot directly on top of the device, burn time can double up to 30 minutes since less flame and less fuel is used in the process.

Having a multifunctional design makes this model worthy to be called the best alcohol stove available on the market today. Know that it can be used as is, without any accessory, cross stand, or DX stand. It’s just that you can only use a pot with a bottom width of around 75mm when you utilize it this way. By using the trivet or cross stand, on the other hand, only narrow bottomed pots can be accommodated too; but this allows for a more efficient burning of flames through the upper burner holes. And with the DX stand, wider pots of about 85mm can be accommodated on the unit while allowing for a more efficient burning of both sets of burner holes and serving as a wind shield too. So you can choose from all those different set ups when cooking outdoors.

The Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove is priced at about $60, which is considered reasonable by many, as Titanium products are really quite expensive. Titanium material is known to be durable and lightweight; and it makes perfect sense for a portable alcohol stove. Its heating features and capacity are quite impressive too, as it can conduct heat fast and can produce high heat in under a minute. Because of its heat resistant quality, it also cools down just as fast, and lessens the risk of burning injuries too. And unlike ordinary metal, Titanium is also rust proof and corrosion proof.

The only thing that some consumers don’t like about this model of alcohol stove is that it doesn’t have a sealable cap; and that makes is impossible to snuff out the flame once you’re done cooking. What you can do in this situation is to use a mug to cover up the flame so as to cut off the supply of oxygen that produces the fire.

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All in all, the pros still outweigh the cons as far as the unit’s overall design and functionality are concerned. A lot of people still think that the Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove is the best alcohol stove to bring on camping trips; and every survival kit shouldn’t be without it too.

The Evernew is just one of many we recommend — check out the equally impressive Esbit alcohol stove today.

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